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Bohemia lost its position of an electorate of the Holy Roman Empire as well as its own political representation in the Imperial Diet. Czech patriotic authors tend to call the following period, from to until the late 18th century, the "Dark Age". More than one quarter of Prague was destroyed and St. When elections were held in , Communists became the dominant political party and gained control of the Czechoslovakian government in Much of Prague Castle and the cathedral of Saint Vitus in Gothic style were completed during his reign.

He built a great empire stretching from the Danube river to the Baltic Sea. The Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in was followed by a wave of emigration, unseen before and stopped shortly after in estimate: 70, immediately, , in total , [40] typically of highly qualified people. The Revolution of in Prague, striving for liberal reforms and autonomy of the Bohemian Crown within the Austrian Empire, was suppressed. It is characterized by devastation by foreign troops; Germanization ; and economic and political decline. Emasculated , Czechoslovakia succumbed to direct German invasion six months later.