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Casting directors are highly influential and is usually on the project because the director trusts their judgements. The solidified part the casting is then recovered from the mold. A casting director is sometimes assisted by a casting associate; productions with large numbers of extras may have their own extras casting director as well, however in all aspects of a film or television production's budget, they are all a part of the above-the-line , answering to the director as part of his or her staff. The mold and the metal are then cooled until the metal solidifies. In the early stages of this process performers often may present, or are presented with prepared audition pieces such as monologues , songs , choreography, scripts and or sides.

To audition in person or submit an audition video, visit our official casting site. Often topical treatments are applied to the surface. To audition you must be a legal resident of the United States, be 13 years of age or older, and meet all other eligibility requirements. Another more limited version of the breakdown service, also for a monthly subscription fee is called Actors Access [15] where acting can subscribe to what is only made available to them, more like an entry level acting position, like under-five , or a bit part , a great tool for the actor whom is without an agent or manager. The complaint also challenges this narrative.