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About dating a felon and custody

I am only to happy to share my story. And the leverage that the ex-husband used was my client's then boyfriend. There has been an allegation by the mother that my client's significant other has been coaching the child to say certain things about the mother. It depends on several different factors. Brette's Answer: You should tell him no.

What measures can I take to ensure my son remains with me? The courts know this. And the fiance has been in the child's life for many years. Though this is really about the kids' safety, you've said that your ex is vindictive.


Master-dom21 25.11.2019 at 23:56
In my case Dh was diagnosed with Bi polar disorder and since getting meds and treatment has not had so much as a brush with the law. When I called his shot on everything, he backed off.
Shauna_Snow 05.12.2019 at 13:36
Honestly this turnt me on more than any other hardcore porn ever.
Samirkamal 26.11.2019 at 08:38
One of the best bj i've ever seen. Killer eyes, good skills !!!
Gslipp22 26.11.2019 at 03:05
I hope a fit girl will do that to me when I'm an old grandad?
Amy r. 25.11.2019 at 23:56
Legislation dating websites at the moment, with millions of users so they. Steps in Getting Joint Custody Meeting with an attorney to discuss joint custody, it is important for felons to be honest about their situation. And mopitup is right, If I was the attorney on the other side and you were more concerned about spending time with your significant other then your kids for the short time the reset would be, I would highlight that to the Court and argue you have your own or your boyfriends interests in front of your kids. Encourage them and help them do what it takes to get joint custody. A DUI, felony or misdemeanor, will be seen as placing a child at risk for custody.
AELFRIC 25.11.2019 at 23:56
If they fail, custody will likely be out of the question and would limit visitation as well. My Dh also ha a child abuse clearance! That help search course the quality of the instructors.
Str8_BasedGod96 25.11.2019 at 23:56
Now, I'm not saying this will happen in your case, but I do know that when a man is angry,or hurt, he will threaten you with the thing you love the most. Again, just my opinion. So the boyfriend had misdemeanor convictions for possessing marijuana. If he is an drug user, now clean, his status shouldn't be an issue. How can I make sure I get sole custody when he's released?
SlutyNikki 25.11.2019 at 23:56
If your ex-spouse can establish that he or she will provide a stable living environment, your ex-spouse will be more likely to gain full custody. Denise's Question: If a person goes to jail and the other person files for a divorce does the person filing for a divorce automatically get custody over any children they have together? Would I need to send him a copy of my motion if I file for Sole Custody? About 10 years ago I had a client who was a pretty good Mom.

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